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Email security

Multi-layered email security architecture is now available from a single vendor.


Multi-layer analysis – Like a Matryoshka doll, RevBits Email Security thoroughly decompresses and analyzes threats hidden in multi-layered attachments, including password-protected ones.

Ease of Deployment – ​​RevBits Email Security requires no changes to MX settings in DNS, installation of additional hardware, or complex infrastructure changes.

Complementary security - RevBits Email Security can take action as a standalone email security solution on the network, or can be added to existing email gateway solutions without interference, operating in conjunction with them.

Shared Intelligence – RevBits Email Security agents provide feedback to the central server on the network, to provide intelligence on malicious indicators from scanned emails to all protected Endpoints.

SIEM Integration – RevBits Email Security integrates with SIEM solutions on the network, reporting detected emails and analysis results.

Yara Rules – Customer-defined custom Yara rules can be added manually and automatically via RevBits Email Security API for accurate and personalized detection.

Email Scanning at Endpoints - Operational location at the user's endpoint allows for extensive individual email scanning (US Patent)

Device Ready – A lightweight version is available for server deployment to cover mobile devices.

Multi-algorithm analysis - Comprehensive email analysis using more than fifty unique algorithms to detect the most sophisticated campaigns.



Multi-layer attachment unpacking – Multi-layer attachments are unpacked and scanned to perform a thorough email scan and include password-protected attachments.

Real-Time Employee Training – Employees will receive real-time email phishing training through RevBits Email Security's user inbox interface, which allows the user to see the actual emails blocked and the reasons why. email blocking.

Prevent page spoofing attacks – Perform page spoofing analysis through a unique technology that analyzes web page images to ensure login pages are protected from malicious spoofing attacks. This feature will help defeat URL attacks.

Domain Spoofing Protection – Through automated DMARC, DKIM, and SPF verification, reduce the likelihood of organizational email abuse from domain spoofing campaigns.

Malicious Email Fix – Discover and delete malicious emails sent to users' email inboxes for quick and efficient remediation. Improve security protocols around email delivery and prevent the spread of email-generated attacks.

Spoofing Protection – Stop domain spoofing phishing campaigns that put an organization's customers, partners, and employees at risk. Detect and remove malicious domains to help limit stolen data.

Sender Spoofing Protection - Detect and block attacks designed to impersonate trusted senders. Non-malware attacks are thwarted by real-time analysis of emails, detection of header anomalies, lookalike domains, and sender spoofing.


Reduce the threat of email phishing campaigns – By implementing RevBits Email Security (SEG) and Endpoint Agent, the likelihood of a successful phishing attack is greatly reduced through end-to-end email security. extreme.

Increase and provide real-time employee training – RevBits Email Security allows employees to view a blocked email (via optional admin panel settings) and the reason it was blocked, providing free ongoing training on the Email security for the employee.

Reduce the cost of mitigating an incident – ​​Save on costs associated with mitigating unauthorized access by blocking credential harvesting email phishing campaigns.

Double your security against the growing threat – The RevBits Email Security endpoint agent can be deployed without RevBits SEG and is scalable into existing email security stacks. Deploying the RevBits Endpoint Agent does not require the removal of an existing SEG.

Reduce vendor burden and associated costs – As a single-vendor, multi-layer cybersecurity provider, RevBits Email Security offers scalability and enhanced protection through a licensing agreement.



Patented in US – RevBits obtained a patent for phishing detection and prevention based on a “system and method for detecting phishing emails”, which delegates email analysis to email clients for more time and processing power.

Protection against the latest threats – RevBits Email Security protects organizations against the latest and most effective phishing campaigns. Unmatched techniques such as password-protected attachment scanning, page phishing attack detection through image analysis, and comprehensive domain background checks offer maximum protection against sophisticated, targeted attacks.

End-to-End Email Security – RevBits Email Security is the only solution that detects and blocks malicious emails at the receiving end, in front of email servers, and at the point of delivery: on users' devices. Its award-winning analytics capabilities are included in the RevBits Endpoint Agent application and RevBits SEG. RevBits' multi-layered email security detects and blocks malicious emails to fully protect organizations against the leading vector of malware and ransomware.

Automatic reporting, simplified analysis – Automatically and manually reported emails are sent to the RevBits Email Security dashboard. Reported emails are automatically reviewed and analyzed, preparing them for immediate and efficient investigations. Designed for collaborative research, RevBits Email Security enables streamlined cooperation between internal cybersecurity team members and experienced RevBits analysts.

Sophisticated SEG capabilities – RevBits SEG scans, detects and blocks emails when they enter an organization's email server environment. Using many of the advanced analytics capabilities found in the RevBits Endpoint Agent to perform deep analysis of bulk email traffic at the edge, RevBits SEG offers all the classic protections, plus proprietary advanced analytics that outperforms to other solutions.

Second-Level Scanning to Block Sophisticated Attacks – Realizing that all SEGs can miss sophisticated, malicious emails, RevBits went a step further and created an advanced Endpoint Scanning Agent that detects sophisticated attacks that other SEGs miss. high. The RevBits Email Security agent applied to users' email inboxes performs advanced deep scanning of endpoint emails. This next level of analysis detects and blocks advanced malicious email attacks that have escaped the SEG.

Keypoint Geolocation Distribution – Extend the end-user perimeter where needed with distributed geolocation access points. RevBits ZTN connects users to the necessary applications and assets anywhere in the world, quickly, securely and with minimal effort.