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    LEVEX DAY 2022

  Satisfaction survey

Please, tell us in which industry do you work?

What is the position you hold?

How did you hear about Levex Day?

How long before would you have liked to sign up?

Did you receive subscription info and/or reminders?

How appropriate did you find the duration of the event?

How appropriate did you find the location in Belén de Escobar?

What were the 3 topics covered that were most interesting to you from the total number of exhibitions in both rooms?

What were the 3 themes that aroused the least interest in you?

Would you like to participate in the LEVEX DAY 2023 edition?

Did you like the closing activity?

How would you like the closing of the next Levex day to be?

We are interested in knowing your opinion so that the next Levex day is even better. If you lacked space to add your suggestions, you can write them here. The Levex team appreciates your valuable input!