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"Levex and Aveva: Key Pillars in Vaca Muerta's Plans - AOG 2023"

During AOG 2023, Levex has conducted a series of revealing interviews that highlight its essential role in the oil and gas industry. Together with Aveva, these two companies have emerged as fundamental to development plans in Vaca Muerta and beyond.

The adoption of industry 4.0 technology is allowing companies like Levex and Aveva to help make more accurate and effective decisions, reducing the risk of losses and opening new opportunities in a constantly evolving market. These interviews are a testament to his leadership and commitment in the sector.

How industry 4.0 influences oil & gas decisions

Levex and Aveva pondered the role of technology in promoting the development of the sector and determination when making decisions.

Levex and Aveva are two companies fundamental to Vaca Muerta's plans. Industry 4.0 allows companies to make better decisions to reduce the risk of losses.

In conversation with +e at the LMPlay stand at AOG 2023, Emanuel Torres, commercial manager of Levex, and Federico Daddona, business director of Aveva, revealed the benefits of their strategic alliance in the oil and gas sector, highlighting the fundamental role of technology in the industry.

"At Levex we are official distributors of Aveva, a leading brand in software for industries, especially in the oil & gas segment," explained Torres. "We offer a wide range of services for all areas of this sector, including gas pipelines and Upstream, Midstream and Downstream activities in the oil industry.

Our service ranges from production and maintenance to engineering, providing essential support for businesses in these segments."


Torres stressed the importance of investment in technology today. "Software is essential because of flexibility and changing business needs," he said. "It is necessary capital for the growth of the sector, especially in the context of Vaca Muerta and unconventional oil production.

"There is still a lot to do in this field." For his part, Federico Daddona from Aveva spoke about the three fundamental pillars that they seek to promote in the industry: "We believe that this is a key moment to generate sustainability, trust and digital transformation in the oil & gas sector. Aveva, as a manufacturer of technological solutions, has the necessary tools to achieve these objectives through our distributor chain.

Daddona highlighted the projection and potential of the industry in Argentina, as well as the importance of education and continuous training. "We see significant enthusiasm and interest from universities and new generations in learning and contributing to the sector," he said. "Our focus should not only be on the short term, but also on the medium and long term, to build a solid legacy for future generations," he asserted.